Dataflo Since 1984.

Dataflo thinks forward.


Dataflo Consulting was founded in 1984 by Mr. Steven E. Campisi. The company's DNA is rooted in an engineering background. Dataflo is responsible for many industry firsts in systems integration and delivering unique systems to its client and customer base.

In our early years, Dataflo built unique interfaces for the EBCDIC to ASCII conversion and embedded the interface into printers and data collection devices.  We have dsigned and developed state of the art biometric authencation technologies, been at the forefront of RFID design and implementation, and are leaders in Cloud Computing based order fulfillment and inventory management system withinthe CRM platform.  Additional core competencies include barcode systems, RFID, data collection technologies, label printers, retail electronic shelf labeling systems and high-end smart key security solutions.  

Further, our heritage has always been about process improvement.  Our client focus is: How can we improve on what we’re doing that would result in an increase in quality and response times, and deliver the desired accuracy.  Technology is simply the tool, a means to the end, it is our meticulous thought process that delivers real results and return on investment.

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